Thursday, January 26, 2012

Comfortable Thursday

Dang you wispy hairs!

- Sweater: Free People
- Undershirt: Target
- Jeans: Seven for All Mankind (Thrifted at Wasteland in SF)
- Flats: LOFT

So I teach four days a week. As a rule of thumb a teacher, or anyone in a professional setting, should look presentable and respectable while in the work environment. While I get great pleasure out of putting outfits together, by the end of the week my desire to be comfortable outweighs my desire to wear overly thought-out ensembles. On that note, Thursdays are usually the only days of the week that I wear jeans instead of dresses and skirts simply because they're easy (and typically flatter your tuccus if you're curvy). I received this lovely and key word: COMFORTABLE robin's egg blue Free People sweater for Christmas that, while mighty cozy is still appropriate in a classroom setting. 

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