Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Accidentally Inspired by The Far East

- Top: X-Generation (Haight Street, San Francisco)
- Jeans: Seven For All Mankind (Thrifted at Wasteland; Haight Street, San Francisco)
- Flats: The LOFT
- Earrings: Old Navy

Even though my mother often told me that it did growing up, until recently I thought that red didn't look good on redheads. I was clearly a buffoon as a child and young adult. When I put on this outfit this morning, K (le boyfriend) told me that my top was very Joan (and that he could see my bellybutton). He's right. I've felt pretty all day wearing this shirt. I decided to add big gold earrings to my outfit and to put my hair up in a chignon (i.e. ballerina bun) to show off said earrings. I had originally intended to wear black shorts, black tights, and brown boots with the outfit, but opted for jeans and black lacy flats instead. I like this outfit better. 

Today, K's birthday present to me arrived (he and his family had already given me a beautiful bouquet of roses). He picked out a gorgeous pure jade braided ring for me as he knows that I don't particularly like diamonds. Given the red top, the gold earrings, and the jade ring my outfit now seems very Far Eastern. Hey, that's alright with me. 

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