Monday, November 28, 2011

Dolka Pots

- Dress: Forever21
- Tights: Kohls
- Shoes: The New Yorker (from France)
- Scarf: Birthday present!

Now that my boyfriend has accepted my request to be my official Just Call Me Joan photog, my blogging will be made much easier!

As for this outfit, I started out knowing that I wanted to wear the polka dot tights in the hopes of making a smoother, more cheerful transition back into grad school after a week of vacation. When you're short and stout like a little teapot and like myself, the trick with patterns is to choose one patterned item (two max.) and make it the focus of your outfit. The rest of the outfit should remain relatively neutral in order to prevent the people seeing you on the street from having a brain aneurism due to too many different patterns and colors. I chose black lace up boots and an LBD to flow with the black background of the tights and then I added a red wine-colored scarf, a birthday gift from my best friend, to add a little punch of color. The scarf also goes with the color of the polish currently making an appearance on my nails.

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